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We help correct 1 inaccurate item with TransUnion® each month 

(1) Based on a sample of 1,971 members enrolled in at least 6 months of paid service through 3/1/22. (2) Dovly’s automated credit engine throttles the number of disputes each month based on a combination of factors unique to your credit report. This helps us maximize your results. (3) Money Back Guarantee - If we can't help you, we'll give you your money backTerms and conditions apply.  (4) Based on the MyFICO loan savings calculator.

Dovly members see an average 56pt score increase in less than 6 months1

From basic credit repair to our most aggressive and complete credit solution, find the plan that works for you. 

Maximum2 disputes/mo with all 3 bureaus 

Real-time TransUnion® credit report and score 

$1 Million ID theft insurance 

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We help correct the max # of inaccurate items w/ all 3 bureaus each month 

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We've disputed 500,000 + credit errors. Here's how It Works

Automated Credit Repair

We show you negative items that might be affecting your score. You take 2 mins to select the ones you'd like us to dispute with the credit bureaus. Our engine will handle the rest!

Remove Negative Items

Dovly removes inaccurate items from credit reports: collections, public records, charge-offs, late payments... and more!

Increase your credit score

Successfully removing negative items could increase your credit scores so you can get approved for a mortgage, loan, credit cards, and better interest rates- saving you thousands of $!


A better credit score can save you more than $40,0004

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Lower interest rates

Refinance your car

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