Get your credit reports from ALL three bureaus 

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One-time fee of $4.99 

  • No impact on your credit score 
  • Guaranteed lowest price!  One-time payment of only $4.99



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No hidden fees. No monthly fee. Pay as you go. 

Doesn't impact your credit scores

Instantly access your credit scores

Lenders pull reports from all three major credit bureaus.  In order to get a comprehensive look into your credit file, you need to be thorough.  

Get Full Coverage 

Check for Errors 

Inaccuracies can exist with any of the three bureaus.  Without a triple-bureau review, you can miss errors that may only appear on one of the three credit reports. 

Check for fraud  

You should regularly review your credit reports from all three bureaus for new items and inquiries, as they could be a sign of fraud.   

Different scores 

 It's common to have different credit scores across the three bureaus. In order to get the best terms - on your loan, credit card, mortgage, etc.- you need to have a good credit score with all three.   


$29.95 - $59.85


Guaranteed - Lowest Price Available


Lenders use various types of credit scores. The credit score you receive with these reports is the VantageScore 3.0.   Your lender may or may not use this scoring model when assessing your credit.